The Exalted Heart

A Path for Integration & Embodiment


"Your moment will come, and when it does, you must seize it with all the bravery you can find."

Sue Monk Kidd


Workshop & Event Schedule

May 2022

Integration & Embodiment Workshop

A 5-week integration and embodiment course where you will receive full support while bringing an intention for the Self into reality. An intimate container that supports your full expression as you unfold into a more whole version of who you are. Includes energy-work, elemental work, shadow-work coaching & more. You will receive the tools you need to recreate this experience with any future intention, having a lasting impact on your life. An in-person event. Meets every Sunday for 5 weeks, seating is limited.

June 2022

Akashic Records Level 1

Learn to access the Akashic Records, the library of all knowledge - including anything that has ever happened in the history of the Universe - and all lifetimes. Level 1 training is geared toward attunement to the Akashic realm, meeting your personal Akashic Records Keeper, and utilizing your personal Records for your own growth & advancement.


Recent Testimonials


Anna has a special gift in connecting to the Spiritual realm. Her knowledge is expansive with tools that help guide one to access their Highest Self. Having experienced Anna's work in a group Women's Circle and one-on-one, her passion for helping others find their inner peace and transform into the best version of themselves is so evident.

Paula L.


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