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FAQ: How Does Distance Energy Healing Work?

This is a great question, but requires definitions of some of the concepts we're talking about. First of all, what is energy? I asked the Akashic Records to assist me in explaining the mechanics of this process to you, in the most simple and understandable way possible. Leggo!

Anna: So I guess the first question would be, how do we define energy in the simplest way?

Records: Energy can be defined as EVERYTHING. We are starting to see a shift in the awareness of humanity whereby first you understood that everything HAD energy to now coming to the realization that everything is, in fact, energy. Just as in grade school you learned of solids, liquids, and gases as all part of matter, you are now coming into the understanding that whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual it is ALL energy regardless of what form it takes. As such, energy can be experienced in a myriad of ways - through physical touch and sensation, through movement of emotions, through the coming and going of different thoughts, and through the experience of something outside of the personal.

Anna: Thank you. How can energy be defined in terms of healing work?

Records: Energy can be defined, for the healer's purposes, as a clear focused intention (high vibrational) to heal, repair, clear, soothe or otherwise relax tension, stagnancy, injury or blockage so that an individual may utilize the influx of vibration to recover from said traumas to their being. A healer, when properly attuned to the energies that may be beneficial and helpful to individuals experiencing discomfort, can utilize their connection to a higher vibrational source to restore vitality to an individual's being. This healing not only enters the physical body, but the mental, emotional, etheric and so on. We will not go into too much detail about this as the information itself is worthy of being taught to those reading this, whether through the practitioner herself or other means such as reading & self-discovery. We do urge those not affiliated with a healing practice to become familiar with esoterica as you are entering a time in which the whole of your existence will be impacted by these principles and it would empower you to be able to navigate this "new" information as opposed to letting it drown or overwhelm you.

Anna: I can be of service for sure. So, in saying all this you don't actually mention physical presence being a factor, why is that?

Records: Because, as you know, physical presence is just a fraction of your actual presence or being, and to limit what qualifies as an interaction by requiring physical exchange is limiting your understanding of possibilities not to mention reality. We say understanding because, regardless of your understanding of what is true or what is real, what is actual - what is happening - is always happening. Which is to say, just because you don't know doesn't mean it's not happening to you. All of you are interacting with one another's energy moreso in modern times than ever before. With the use of social media, you are swimming through other people's energy on a minute-to-minute basis and because the vast majority are not aware of this they are taking on the energies - insecurities, struggles, sadness, envy, and sometimes goodness - of those they are interacting with. And vice versa: because you are unfamiliar with maintaining energetic boundaries and sovereignty, you unwittingly send others your own personal feelings (energy) of lack mentality, anger, insecurity etc. So when it comes to sending energy over "distance" you are all doing it, all day, all the time already. And this is just the surface of the issue, the tip of the iceberg.

Anna: Even as someone who knows this information, hearing you say it feels... weighty.

Records: As it should. As a professional energy-worker, you assist people who are completely unaware of the ways in which they find themselves entangled with the energies of others as well as those conscious entanglements that they willingly place themselves in. Most energy-workers empathize and are so compassionate they don't feel comfortable advising energetic responsibility and so they continue to support people who cannot fully support themselves - which truly is a support of the irresponsible handling of their being. We are interjecting here to say enough is enough. It is true that you can lead a horse to water, but you can't teach them to drink, however it is irresponsible to not even try to lead the horse to water but to fetch it buckets every time it's thirsty. Energy-workers have been coddling their clientele with relaxation-style techniques, gently clearing away energies that do not serve and requiring little to no work on the client's part post-healing and recovery. This is an inappropriate relationship that has led to the ability to relive toxic cycles, never fully curing the root of the issues.

Anna: Okay. I'm letting this and the implications soak in. It has never felt comfortable to me to continuously heal the same person of the same things over and over again. It felt inappropriate and created resentment in me, which is why I wondered if energy-work was even for me.

Records: And now you are in the process of developing a technique and practice to include the individual in their own healing process.

Anna: Yes, I've started putting it into practice and I feel good about it. However I find that people have to be almost desperate to want to take their healing into their own hands.

Records: All in good time.

Anna: I'm assuming you want me to include this in my post although we deviated from the topic.

Records: We would ask that you would. As for the topic, we hope it has become clear enough that humanity is living in a world where the majority are closed off to their true nature. They would rather consider themselves small and unimportant than what they truly are, which is magnificent, influential, and potent. If an untrained individual has the ability to send and receive vibrations across space (and time), we urge those reading this to consider what can be done if you are trained. If you develop your senses and you have a practice. If you take responsibility for yourselves. We do not have to linger here and regale you with why distance healing works and what it is effective on. Deep down, you all already know. We are here to give you the information and encouragement you need, not necessarily that you want.

Anna: Well, thank you. I am confident that the appropriate audience for your words will be found and am so thankful that you are here to provide the medicine our souls need.

Records: We are ever here to serve that purpose. Until next time, fare well.

There you have it friends! For those of you who have not read the post I wrote on the Akashic Records, and are desiring more information on what they are, I encourage you to head that way! I hope this message reaches you well <3

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