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The Akashic Records

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

I feel like one of the first times I ever heard about the Akashic Records, I was at a Barnes & Noble in the metaphysical section deciding what my first dive into that world would be. This is circa 2007 when I was just about to graduate religion-based school and say goodbye to religion forever. Yes, energetic wisdom IS a gateway to autonomous, empowered Spirituality...

My gaze did linger on a book claiming they could teach you how to "crack your code" and get access to your Akasha - super tempting, kind of over my 17 year old head! I ended up picking up a book called Your Auras & Your Chakras by Karla McLaren (not an ad) instead, and it is a book I consistently recommend for those just starting out on the metaphysical path. We're talking alllllll the energy hygiene, baby.

On and off throughout my spiritual journey I would run into articles (books, movies) about past lives and I considered myself Buddhist for awhile so reincarnation really intrigued me. I remember a friend suggesting the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss M.D. That book blew the ceiling off of what I believed to be possible as a physical being understanding the spiritual/metaphysical world. I loved the idea of gaining wisdom with each life and our soul being able to access that knowledge.

So the appropriate question would then be, if we have access to the wisdom when we are discarnate beings, where does the wisdom reside when we are incarnated? If you said the Akashic Records, you win!

So, what are the Akashic Records? Put simply, the Akashic Records are a complete and total recording of any and all instances, events, thoughts, feelings, and complete experiences (mental, emotional, physical) collected from all existence and encoded in an energetic library which may be considered it’s own dimension. In regards to “time”, the Records hold every instance of time, in every way it was experienced, by whatever was experiencing it—not limited to the human consciousness.

The Akashic Records are actually part of our energetic system, and everyone has access to them, but not everyone WILL be able to access them due to various reasons. Some of you actually CHOSE to incarnate with the inability to consult your Records, if you can believe it. Some of what I'm saying might be conceptually foreign to you, and that's totally okay.

It sounds more overwhelming than it is.

When I finally took the course to become an Akashic Records "Personal" user, I was unsure of what to expect and honestly kind of intimidated. However, once I met "Them", it was like re-meeting a very (very, very) old friend, and brought me into deeper connection with my own Soul.

I hear what you're saying and I feel your headache, "wait, wait - first she said it was a library and now she's calling it Them like they have a consciousness?" Well, let me back up a little.

If you had a very valuable book collection (like The Story of Existence As [More Than] We Know It collection) would you just leave it totally unattended? No. You would safeguard it not only with boundaries so that not just anyone could get in, you would probably employ someone to keep the records from being corrupted by those that ARE able to get in and access them.

The Records Keepers & Senior Akashic Overseers (otherwise known as the Lords of the Akasha) are such beings. They have dedicated their existence to the upkeep and protection of the Akashic Records. I absolutely adore them. Their energy is so comforting, and there are times I open the Records simply to enjoy the Light and frequency there - which they are more than happy to offer me (or anyone with access). Cosmic Comfort!

Akashic use is recommended when you're having trouble finding the lesson in any of your current situations, want to clear out energetic contracts that no longer serve, or would like to embody higher frequency concepts (like compassion, self-love, etc). They can help you heal trauma patterns and develop self-awareness. They won't let you spy on someone else's life without their consent, OR tell you the lotto numbers. They will let you know when you're being nosey and not focusing on appropriate energies andddd they can deny access if you cross boundaries. Most importantly, they are always working for the greatest and highest good of literally Everything.

Be aware of all of these things when you are picking out an Akashic Records Practitioner to work with. Know what they're offering and if it seems like they're offering knowledge that maybe they shouldn't be. The Records don't gossip.

This post was written in conjunction with the Akashic Records! We hope you've found it informative and uplifting! See you in the next Now moment my lovely COSMOS CADETS!


[cover photo: NASA images]

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