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Soul Work Services

Heal Your Soul, Heal Your Life

Akashic Clearing


1.5 hr. - $155

In this session, we will address an area of your concern, and consult the Akashic Records as to what patterning or behaviors you have made agreements with that are hindering movement in this area of concern. Once all parties have agreed upon the terms, a clearing will take place on a physical, emotional, and energetic level doing away with all hinderances associated with the patterning being cleared. Each individual experiences this in their own unique and positive way. As the facilitator of this experience, I will take on the energetic impact of this healing session. It is very likely you will leave this session feeling freer, clearer and lighter. Time for questions and concerns is allotted at the beginning and end of the session.
*I have the right to refuse any client I do not feel comfortable working on.

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