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Integration & Embodiment Workshop


A 5-week integration and embodiment course where you receive full support bringing an intention for the Self into reality. An intimate container that supports your full expression as you unfold into a more whole version of who you are. Includes sound healing, energy-work, elemental work, shadow-work coaching & more. You will receive the tools you need to recreate this experience with any future intention, having a lasting impact on your life. An in-person event. Meets every Sunday for 5 weeks starting May 1st (4:00 - 5:30 PM), seating is limited.

Growing with others is helpful to the embodiment process because as we step out into the our "old world" with a new sense of Self, we already have a community that supports this "new" version of ourselves - we develop Soul Family. This container, although intimate, is created to foster a sense of community and camaraderie through the growth process, and instill within you the truth that you are never alone and you are totally supported in your wholeness.

10% of the profit from this Workshop will be donated to the non-profit 360 Pronoia to support events like soup kitchens, free children's activities & other community support!

Integration & Embodiment Workshop: Schedule
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